A downloadable game for Windows

Bored after their first Halloween falls short of the tall tales they've read about, our heroes bring real magic back to a mundane consumerism holiday. But things take a turn for the weird when actual witches get involved and our heroes' magical fun quickly gets out of hand. From a witch stuck in a seven year old girl's body trying to get her old body back, to being stranded in the past in Sleepy Hollow on a full moon Halloween night, to being caught in the middle of another witch's Halloween punishment on mankind, will our heroes ever be able get their normal peaceful lives back?

This project is currently in alpha or pre-alpha phase. Released here today is a sandbox build for prospective fans to try out.

Due to filesize restrictions, the download will be a split archive. Please be sure to download all the parts.


Install instructions

Download both rar files, open part 1, and extract from part 1. Run the game EXE in the folder to launch the game. If you wish to change graphics presets or resolution, hold shift right after clickin the EXE file


TheWitchingHour_AlphaSandbox.part1.rar 450 MB
TheWitchingHour_AlphaSandbox.part2.rar 319 MB


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